Perfect Pint Glass - Set of 4



These glasses feature the Samuel Adams logo. Each glass holds 16 fluid ounces. Sold as a pack of 4.

Stainless Steel Mug



This heavy-weight stainless steel mug proudly features our Samuel Adams logo and is perfect for keeping your Boston Lager cold while relaxing by the fire.

Boston Lager Crystal Pint Glass - Set of 4



These officially licensed 16 oz. beer glasses are engineered by Spiegelau to create the best possible drinking experience for your next Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Etched on the bottom, each set of 4 glasses comes in a retail Spiegelau box.




64-oz. glass jug.

Baseball Football Glass Set of 2



Get in the game with a set of our Baseball and Football 16oz shaker glasses. These heavy-weight pint glasses will shake up any viewing party.

Nitro Project Glass



Developed through sensory tasting to exchange the overall experience of drinking a Nitro beer!

Smooth, creamy taste from the first sip! The outward turned lip allows the beer to flow into the palate, instead of delivering a mouth full of foam.

The bowl works with the lip and provides space for the head of the beer as the beer pours out of the glass over the outward lip.

The bowl collects and delivers the appetizing aromas in each beer! Citrus and pepper notes or our Nitro White Ale citrusy, hop aromas for our Nitro IPA, and the rich dark, roasty notes with hints of coffee for our Nitro Coffee Stout.

Utopias Glass



Samuel Adams has paired with Riedel glassware to produce this custom-designed glass to enhance the experience of Samuel Adams Utopias. See additional image for packaging. Sorry, Utopias not included!

If you’ve purchased a 2015 or prior bottle of Sam Adams Utopias beer you may have received a promo code to redeem for a free Utopias glass. If you have a valid promo code you may redeem here.